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Links to assorted places

Here are some links to things and places related to IPSUR which may be of interest.

  • Here is where to buy a paperback hard-copy of the First Edition of IPSUR. I am thinking to migrate the Second Edition to Amazon but haven't decided yet.
  • Here are the most recent commits to the bleeding-edge version of IPSUR.
  • Here is the project page on Savannah.
  • Here is the project page on R-Forge, where IPSUR development first started.
  • Here is the project page on GitHub, where IPSUR development was after R-Forge, but before migration to Savannah.
  • Here is the Google+ page for IPSUR.

All three (3) of R-Forge, GitHub, and Savannah are up and running, but I do most work on Savannah these days in support of the Free Software Foundation's mission.

  • Here is an entire semester's worth of lecture videos associated with the STAT 3743 course for which IPSUR was orignally written.
  • Here is the first video in that series which demonstrates how to install R and get up and running with IPSUR.
  • Here are a bunch of additional resources associated with the course, including lecture notes (in Beamer and handout format plus Sweave source) for the first few chapters plus some sample quiz and exam and lab assignments. All of the above distribute the source files, as well.
  • There's even a manual for using IPSUR together with the R Commander.
  • Dr. Andy Chang recorded several YouTube videos: see here and here and here and here and…

I accept bitcoin donations in support of IPSUR development at the following address: 1ADgZaSQ62hcjRteXjoubiUtSZZZd8kn51

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