IPSUR: Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R

Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R is a textbook written for an undergraduate course in probability and statistics. IPSUR is FREE, in the GNU sense of the word.


This package is distributed via GitHub, and not CRAN. Here are the steps to install IPSUR on your own system.

CRAN dependencies

First install the CRAN packages that are referenced in IPSUR. Launch R and type the following at the command prompt “>”:

install.packages(c("actuar", "aplpack", "binom", "boot", "coin", "diagram",
                   "distrEx", "e1071", "emdbook", "ggplot2", "HH", "Hmisc",
                   "lmtest", "mvtnorm", "qcc", "reshape", "RcmdrMisc",
                   "scatterplot3d", "TeachingDemos", "vcd"))

There should be a lot of packages installed at this step.

Other dependencies

You will need the devtools package to install the prob package from GitHub.

install.packages("combinat")  # the prob package depends on combinat
install.packages("devtools")  # if you don't have it already

and then install IPSUR with



Once IPSUR is downloaded and installed, it must be loaded into R. Load the package with the library function:


and finally launch your PDF viewer with



IPSUR development is hosted on GitHub.